Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brickless Scarf

Now that the scarf is off the needles and has been blocked, I love it!  Blocking it took out all the puckers and twists, and it lays out beautifully.  I believe I'll make another one out of some of my stash this coming winter. I'm curious what it would look like in lace-weight yarn and #2 needles.

Next, I'm putting another "Hitchhiker Scarf" on the needles, and I plan to have it finished for a Christmas gift. 


  1. It's lovely. I like the stitch details in this scarf better than the Hitchhiker.

  2. Fabulous. Did you say somewhere what yarn you used? I have this one on my list, too.l

  3. Oh I could hitch a ride with that beautiful knit up!