Thursday, September 18, 2014

A fresh orange

I took a deep breath and started a fresh cast-on for the orange fingerless mitts.  I think the sizing will work!  Or at far, so good.

Here he is right at my feet.

I had to chase this little guy out of the grass in the yard again.  And he is not very scared of me.  I can get right up to him, less than an arm length away--and he just looks at me as if to say, "What's up?  Is there a problem?  Everything seems fine to me here in the tall, rich, tasty grass.  You want me to go?  Are you kidding??? Why???"

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Orange frog

Ribbit...and double ribbit!  I had to frog it.  Bummer.  I had two inches completed.  I was trying to convince myself that it really wasn't too big around and that it would all work out fine if I just kept going.  After trying on the knitted cuff section over my hand numerous times, the orange light finally dawned on me that the size was not working out at all. I want orange fingerless mitts that fit well!  So.... I had to do it.

I cast on again, this time with fewer stitches (the small size).  It looks kind of small.  Hmmm. This better work out.  Frogging a second time just would not work for me.  Of course, my friend "Lyle" would say that the yarn and knitting project will last a lot longer if I keep frogging; it's a way to keep one's eyes from wandering toward new purchases so quickly. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's all about orange...

Well, the Broncos won their game on Sunday against KC...although it was a bit of a nail-bitter right down to the last seconds.  Keep that orange crush going, boys...

Speaking of orange, I have been looking at and enjoying the color like I never have before.  You may have seen the orange bracelet yesterday, and I decided I may as well pick up the orange yarn from my stash (thanks, Nancy S) and cast on a new project.  I'm likin' the orange... AND, I was inspired by one of kathy b's latest here I go...

Monday, September 15, 2014

A beautiful September morning...

The cold front passed through, but we're back to normal fall temps.  I couldn't, however, pass up the picture of snow on the foothills which lasted a little longer than the snow in my yard.  I like how the high peaks are visible between layers of clouds.  The leaves on a few trees have started turning, but the show of color is probably two to three weeks away. 

The chuckers are back.  They came through last year, and here they are again.  I don't know what they are finding to eat here, but they are poking/pecking around every morning.  15-20 of them were hanging out for quite a while.

I was inspired to make some jewelry this weekend, and the fall colors were inspiring me. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Friday Foto

Sharing the breakfast buffet...

Adding to the wood pile...

I heard the roar of a semi.  What's up?  Oh yes, it's a sure sign of Fall when the neighbors get a semi-load of logs delivered for firewood! 

It was interesting to watch this guy unload the logs.  His experience and skill made it look so easy.

I suspect I'll be hearing the hum of a chainsaw in coming days... and the crack of wood on the wood-splitter. 

Fortunately, I have plenty of wood of the next couple of winters, so I can relax while watching the neighbors prepare their woodpile.  Hot chocolate, anyone?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wet-felting a scarf...

I received in the mail some very soft, fluffy, Cria-mix,  Alpaca roving.  Linda says it's bits and pieces from the babies, all thrown in together.  It's not combed, so it's called Cloud.  It's the softest fiber ... well named... light as a cloud and soft as butter. It feels great!! No itchiness at all!!

I couldn't get into it fast enough to see how many ounces would make a nicely shaped scarf.  I discovered that I could make this one with just under 2 ounces.  Linda said that because it's a very fine fiber, and because it's so fluffy, the fiber goes a long way and actually take less to create a scarf.  It did not take me long at all to lay out 3 layers of fiber and get the felting (kneading with hot water and bit of soap) underway.  Easy-peasy. 

This scarf is narrower and thinner (lighter) than the scarves I've felted in the past, and I really like it better. 

I'm ready for the November wet-felting scarf class!!