Friday, May 22, 2015

Recital time

Last Friday I hosted a recital for all my private music students.  All but two students were able to attend and perform.  I was thinking I'd need seating for 40; but as it turned out, it was more like 60.  We were scrambling for anything to sit on!  It was a tight fit in the recital room!  Fortunately, we had plenty in the refreshments department and didn't run out.  Jane made the cutest sugar cookies, and I got a picture of a couple "notes," although she had also made little guitars (so cute).

I was too busy to take pictures, so these couple will have to do.  It all went well.  Most of the students are young, and this was their first recital.  It's so cute to see them give their first formal performance!  Love it. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Paintin' and partyin'

Once again I signed up for a Paint 'N Party event.  This painting was so popular, a second party has been scheduled to accommodate another 100 painters.  

The painting started out like this.

Then we added the silhouetted hills.

And eventually... the trees, rocks, and final details...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Famed antler arches

Here in Wyoming, the four antler arches in the town square of Jackson Hole are famed photo ops. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Home on the Range

Yesterday, I drove my friend to Jane to an appointment in Jackson Hole, WY.  I never tire of the scenery going over Togwotee Pass and into Teton County.  On the drive, we saw deer, antelope, buffalo, and elk.  We didn't stop to try photographing the elk, but the buffalo were so close to the
 road, it was much too tempting to pass by.

 I even got out of the car to take photos, and although several tourists were doing the same thing, the buffalo could have cared less; they seemed very intent on grazing on the fresh grass.  Look at that big 'ol boy on the right!  Their hides were looking scruffy since they are losing their winter coats.

For lunch, Jane saw buffalo sloppy joes on the menu.  Why not make it the theme of the day?  Oh man, the sandwich was very good.  Add a cup of homemade soup and lemon water...and it's a perfect lunch.  We ate in the historic cabin that's been transformed into Sweetwater Deli Restaurant.  Have you eaten there?  I'd recommend it!

The storm clouds moved in as we were departing Jackson Hole, so I missed the opportunity to photograph the Teton peaks...but the canyons below are pretty dramatic too.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wool in a Tea Cup

I continued "tweaking" my little fairy gardens on Sunday since I had all the wool out anyway. 

I need to take more time getting some pictures. A better background is in order; I got in a hurry.  And...I will probably do a little more tweaking on the gardens.  I need to look away...and then look with a fresh eye.

As someone mentioned in a comment, these would make good pin cushions, and indeed they would.  I can say that they certainly hold needle-felting needles quite well.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Needle-felting Gnomes

Our local fiber guild held a retreat on Saturday...and what a perfect day it was to be inside.  Yes, another rainy day.  When it's dreary outside, tend to your wool and needles!  My duties for the day were to teach a morning and an afternoon needle-felting class.

The morning class made needle-felted sheep.  We failed to line up all the sheep for a photo shoot, but you can see a couple of them here.  Rachel's Gnome started transforming into a lady as she began putting on the facial features, so she just went for it, adding long hair and a basket of yarn.  So creative!  And cute as can be!

Above you can see the rest of the afternoon class's needle-felted Knitting Gnomes.  The gals did a fantastic job!  They all made knitting needles out of toothpicks and beads, and they will finish "the look" by rolling up a ball of yarn from their stash for the Gnome to hold.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We're seeing spring colors...

The trees are leafing out...and in town the crab apple trees are blooming.  The pink blossoms are so beautiful and such wonderful eye candy after a long winter season.  In my yard, all the trees are either leafed out, or are showing green buds that are quickly emerging.  Some green fields are showing up in the valley.  Farmers are busy planting.

The bees have found the yellow blooms on the Caragana shrubs.  It seems theses blossoms arrived instantly, the moment the rain stopped and the sun began to shine.