Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday morning musings...

A new cotton mat has been cast on the needles, and the pattern is called "Raised Diamonds."

Birds are still flitting from one bare branch to another in between snatching up bird seed.

The aspen tree is just full of catkins, so I'm anticipating that the little green leaves will begin emerging soon.

Lopee is back this morning, leisurely grazing on the new grass along the driveway.

The grass in my small yard is lucky to get a drink of water this morning.  When I first attempted to run the water, ice in the sprinkler kept that from happening. Yes, ice.   So I had to wait until late morning.  It's a cool start to the day...the warm sun rays are very much appreciated.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Slowly, a spring awakening ...

In the background of this photo of the robin, one can see that the field grass has turned green, and it's very evident along the roadways.  Today I saw farmers working in their fields: plowing and planting.  I think we're just a week away from seeing evidence of green leaves trying to emerge on bare tree branches.  Oh, I'm anxious!

With the warmer temps, I'm noting that I need to get my To-do list going. 
1.  rake up dead grass and pine needles
2   get new gas in the gas can and start the mower
3.  mow grass
4.  get out the hoses and start watering the dry spots

I'm not thinking about planting flowers just yet... but I sure am enjoying other bloggers' beautiful photos of spring flowers in bloom.  They are spectacular.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Monday

Hello, Robin red breast!  What's the news today?  Is it true that spring is here and warm temps are here to stay???

I've been knitting away on this forest green cotton mat, and I'm nearly at the end of the ball.  I think I can squeeze one more repeat out of what's remaining.  Then, I'm thinking a crocheted border would add just the right finishing touch.  I'm planning to make another mat with the remaining ball, but I'm considering using a different stitch pattern, just for fun.  

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring tunes, wild animals, and runners

This week I attended 3 spring concerts: a high school band, a high school vocal, and a college jazz concert.  They were all well worth it.  So I got a good dose of live music to carry me for a while.

As I was leaving the house yesterday...guess who was on my property?  Lopee.  I don't know why he was all by himself, but he seemed to be enjoying the nibble of new grass recently nourished by the spring snow storms. 

And the birds are happy that there's plenty of seed. Although it appears the feeder needs to be filled again.

Finally, I spent yesterday announcing a high school track meet. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, near 60 degrees, and no wind; it's one of the best days for a track meet we've had in years! Here's the view of the long-jump pit from the crow's nest (or announcer's booth).  It's the best seat in the house.   I've done the announcing for WRHS for years, and I enjoy it.  I was only given two days notice, so it's kind of amazing that I didn't have something else already planned.  It all worked out well.  During the field events I play music from my iPod over the sound system.  I think it's all upbeat and appropriate lyrics; although some of the "oldies" tunes aren't particularly popular with the kids... I don't care. Sorry, but no rap. The coaches and more mature spectators love it. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

They found it!!

One bird is sitting on top of the sock; the other on the branch.

I had to take these pictures from inside the house, using the telephoto, but I saw two finches eating the thistle seed!  The pictures are not great, but they offer proof.  Yahoo.  I'm looking forward to watching these birds, even if from afar.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Serious snowpack

We have accumulated much more than normal snowpack in the mountains this year; it is great news for the farmers.  And we always need the moisture, as we're trying to revive from about 10 years of drought conditions.  The only drawback is that the spring run-off can result in flooding in some areas.  So, let's hope the temperature warms up slowly and flooding conditions do not become destructive.  The whole county will be keeping an eye on this.

I found a dishcloth pattern I thought would work nicely for making a placemat-sized knitted project for the cotton yarn from kathy b.  Thanks, Kathy!!!  I decided on the pattern and thought this would be a nice tuck & go project.  It turns out I have to count every stitch!  I made a huge mistake at one point and had to frog back about 4 rows!  Dang!  But, I did it and have not made a mistake since.  So, I think I've got the hang of it, and I should be able to knit and visit...if I'm careful.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Here, birdie, birdie...

Yet another spring snow storm blew in and out yesterday.  The wind was blowing hard enough that all the snow was blowing past in a horizontal manner; so I'm thinking that most of the snow (and moisture) I could have enjoyed on my trees and grass,  actually landed several miles south, except for the drifts that managed to gather up a slight accumulation around the sagebrush.  And today, it will probably all melt by afternoon, as we will be about 30 degrees warmer.

Although it was pretty nasty out, I didn't let the weather deter my activities.  I went to brunch, had wonderful visits with friends, and then listened to a bluegrass jam session.  Loved it!! That's a perfect Sunday afternoon!

I've been waiting, but I finally made the move:  I put out more bird feed, but this time it's a thistle sock.  I'm hoping to lure in some other birdies.  Hanging the sock is my version of tweeting... "Here, birdie, birdie... "  I'm wondering how long it will take for the sock to be discovered; I'm watching...