Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fresh leaves

I was looking at one of my favorite house plants which seems to be doing pretty well in its present spot.  Right now it gets lots of indirect light, but as the sun comes around more to the west, I may have to find a new spot.

I noticed the leaves were looking a bit dusty and could use some refreshment.  I immediately remembered my mom and how she would occasionally refresh her plants.  She would take a little dish of milk and some cotton balls and carefully wipe the dust off the leaves with the milk-soaked cotton balls.  I wonder where she got that idea.  The leaves always looked so nice after she finished. But milk?  I have not googled this idea; I just know it seems to work for me too.


  1. When I had plants with slick leaves, I cleaned them with milk, too.

  2. The plants seem pretty pleased about it. :-)