Monday, February 22, 2016

It's a Monday

No pictures today...

For some reason, my phone/camera will not show up on the screen to download pictures.  I guess it's finally time to take the computer in to the shop and have it looked at/updated.

Anyway, I was watching the clouds as they move in from the west, but the mountains are holding them back, hoping for more moisture to fall over the peaks and valleys.  We are getting close to having enough water in the mountains, but we still need more over the next few months.

One of the neighbors down the road must have purchased new motorcycles, as they have been buzzing around all morning and early afternoon.  There might be some other scenario; regardless, the weather has invited them out. It is pretty darned warm for mid-Feb.

As long as the wind is blowing 50 mph, it's invitingly delightful to wander outside. 


  1. Hope your computer repair is an easy one.

    Sometimes my phone just doesn't want to play nice with my computer. But, if I re-plug it, it will usually behave.

  2. Happy Occasional Warm day leading to spring! Im glad you are getting water and it is looking good so far. Our computer died last week. We bought a refurb and it is fabulous