Saturday, November 30, 2013

More exploring in Sydney

Jan and I shopped in an area called "The Rocks" which is where the oldest part of Sydney was established.  Artists, jewelry makers, glass blowers, dress makers, and lots of other folks set up an open air market under tents in this area once a week, and we were able to browse the market.  It was so fun.  I bought a nicely carved boomerang for my nephew.  I think we went to every single booth and  nearly missed lunch...but stopped in a little tea house called The Tea Cozy for scones and iced tea.  We sat outside in a very small patio area and enjoyed the tasty treat and good conversation. 

We finished up shopping by late afternoon and then decided to sit on some benches at Circular Quay and watch the boats, the people, and the hungry (begging) seagulls. 
I don't remember the name of this tree, but the purple blooms were so unusual and beautiful.

On the dock, a young aboriginal man was playing the didgeridoo and selling his paintings.  We was very talented, industrious, and friendly.  Just by playing on the waterfront, he had picked up some gigs to play elsewhere, and he was headed to New Zealand in a couple days to play there.  He was happy to have tourists sit on the block next to him for a I did. By the way, the more I saw of aboriginal art, the more it grew on me.  We saw some beautiful pieces.  His were selling for $150, which we soon discovered was a good bargain.

More to come...


  1. Cool picture of you and the dude.

    As for the tree . . . could it be a jacaranda?

    The scones look delicious ---- sounds like you are having a tasty trip! :-)

  2. I'll put in my vote for jacaranda, too! They will grow in CA also. Those scones look so yummy; don't think I could have stopped at two!

  3. Wow that is one large instrument!!!!!
    Is that clotted cream ?

  4.'ve got it...the tree is a jacaranda...and I must write that down so I can remember.

  5. Music, art, food, and friends - who could ask for more?