Monday, December 2, 2013

Manly Beach

The next day, another friend, Greg, and I purchased tickets for a 10:30 a.m. ferry that took us out to Manly Beach, a ride which took about 30 minutes.  It was windy, cold, and the ride was a little rough.  Once we got there, we found a tidy dock and beach area, some upscale shops, and a well groomed hiking path that followed the beach until it climbed up on top of a rocky point.

It was too cold for me to be tempted to walk in the water, but we saw a group of kids getting a surfing lesson and a few adults getting diving lessons or certification. What a beautiful beach area...would be nice to enjoy on a warm sunny day too!  November is late spring/early summer for Australians... and I was told December is the hottest month.

Riding the ferry...and managing to stay out of the cold wind.

The beach...looking to the right.  The path followed the beach to the right.

The beach...looking to the left.

Doesn't that big rock on top look like a turtle?
Returning to the beach area, shops, and the dock.


  1. That is one BIG turtle. LOL

  2. The cliffs are so beautiful! Great peaceful images you shared Thanks

  3. The rocky shoreline shots are my favorite. It looks like it could rain at any moment.

  4. Great photos, Nancy. I love the beach and this sure looks like a nice one. Was it as chilly as it looks?

  5. What a beautiful and rocky coastline, so different then here. Even the sand color, and water color is unique.