Thursday, December 12, 2013

Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound, Dusky Sound

I got up early, so that Janet and I could get breakfast about the time we would arrive at Milford Sound on the west coast of the southern end of the south island of New Zealand. (New Zealand is made up of two islands: north island and south island.) It was all new to me that New Zealand has only been around for something like 1.5 million years; the islands were pushed up out of the ocean, and are relatively young. (Australia is something like 5 billion yrs. old.) Thus, we would be seeing some very pretty fiords in the sounds we would be visiting today.
I braved the rain, with umbrella and camera in hand.

It was overcast and rainy.  That seemed like it should be a disappointment, but we were assured that because it was raining, we would see the best waterfalls on our journey through the sounds.  It was so interesting that these photos look more like black and whites, rather than colored pictures.

How about this for a "selfie"?

First we went into Milford Sound, dropped off some folks who were going to take an overnight excursion and meet us the next day.  Then, we turned around and went back out to the coast, where we followed the coastline until we came to a passageway that took us through Doubtful and Dusky Sounds.

This pic was taken off our private balcony.

We did see many, many beautiful waterfalls.

Once we came out to the ocean again, we sailed around the southern tip of New Zealand and headed for Dunedin on the east coast.


  1. Beautiful! That one big waterfall is SO TALL!

  2. That would have been my favorite part of the cruise - beautiful scenery.