Monday, December 9, 2013

Sailing to New Zealand

For the next two days, we would be at sea, sailing to New Zealand.

The weather was rainy and cool, so I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't sit on our balcony and enjoy the ocean.  But there was plenty to do on the ship.

The first day at sea we went to a bracelet sale, a Pearl seminar, a talk in the theater titled Fire and Ice, and a show on the history of song writers with two outstanding musicians.  And after a fabulous dinner ( Cream of Broccoli Soup, Roasted chicken Saltimboca, and Olive Oil Strawberry Cremeau) we went to another performance in the theater to see a one-of-a-kind electronic Xylo-synth player. He was a fantastic musician.  After that, in one of the lounge areas we listened to a group play 60's tunes; they really rocked it, and we stayed up late! 
Here's an example of how artistically beautiful the desserts were presented.

We had chocolate-dipped strawberries in our room when we went back to retire.  Wow.  Also, we were hitting rough water, and the ship was rocking and rolling like we'd not yet experienced.


  1. THat's just what I fear,….I get so seasick so easily

  2. Even though it was too cool to sit on the balcony, the view was great.

    All the activities on board sound interesting. Did you purchase a bracelet or two?

  3. So, how'd you weather the rough water? I wonder how many hours it takes to make food look like that? Sounds like an interesting cruise.

  4. The ocean was inspired by the 60s music. It was rockin' and rollin'!

    Your food looks almost too beautiful to eat. You'll notice I said ALMOST.