Monday, December 16, 2013


Entering the harbor at Dunedin, New Zealand.

After 3 full days at sea, rain, and pretty rough waters, we arrived in Dunedin, a city on the southeastern seaboard of the south island.   We had plenty of time that morning to eat breakfast and visit as we were scheduled to catch at transfer bus into the city center at 11:00 a.m.

Here's looking at hillside above the dock area at Dunedin, where we got off the ship and caught a transfer bus.

 It was a 20 minute ride, and we were dropped off at the Octagon, a city center/park in the heart of the city.  Dunedin has retained its distinct Scottish roots.  When settlers first arrived here, the anticipated that the gold rush would provide rapid growth, and they urged British authorities to quickly draw up plans for the town.  However, the Brits did not take into account the actual topography of the land, so many streets in the city go straight up very steep hills.

Janet and I went into St. Paul's Cathedral.  And we saw the statue of the poet Robert Burns there too.  Next, we simply started looking around in the shops, hoping to find some gifts and souvenirs.  I also searched out a yarn shop and bought 2 balls of lace yarn that's a blend of cashmere, possum, and silk.  Oh, so soft.
This is a government building on the Octagon.  We liked the red phone booths!

Jan and I ate lunch at the Little Sugar Cafe.  Nice!  Tasty! 

This was Nov. 11, and New Zealanders also recognize Armistice Day;  we witnessed a 2 gun salute, silence, and bagpipe music in the park.  Later, as we were preparing to catch the bus back to the ship, we saw that what appeared to be a college-age student was playing the bagpipes for tourists.

I did notice something a bit strange that day.  While I was standing in shops, I would have the feeling that the "ship" was rocking and I needed to brace myself for this uneven movement.  Crazy, man.


  1. Beautiful architecture and lovely green spaces (love those rolling hills in the second photo) surrounding this village.

  2. Apparently you had a case of "sea legs". LOL

    That old church is beautiful! You are making me want to go there very much.

  3. Bagpipes for tourists!!! that's awesome. I love the rolling green hills