Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Ship

We saw our ship, The Celebrity Solstice, docked in port, and the time finally came to board it.  The process took a while, but not bad.  Our bigger suitcases were delivered to our room.  Jan and I had a room with a balcony on the back of the ship -- what a view.  I was amazed at all the restaurants, shops, bars, swimming pools, theaters, the library, the casino,and other places to be enjoyed on the ship.  It's a traveling city.  I'm posting the few pictures I took of some of the amazing areas on the ship.

From our hotel, you could see our ship docked to the left and the Sydney Opera House to the right.

Our room was on the 6th deck visible all the way to the right, but before the corner room.
From inside our room, looking out on the water as the ship left Sydney.
The dining room.
One of many lounge areas where you could listen to live music.
The theater.
The shopping.
The outdoor pools.
The Oceanside Cafe - on Deck 14. The view was terrific.
A place to relax on deck.
More to come...


  1. Wow! I think I would have parked my bottom on your balcony and just watched the water all day long.

    What a beautiful ship!

  2. Lovely --- I spotted a couple of prime knitting spots, too.

  3. WOWOW. I loved the dining room!!!

  4. Holy cow! The view from your room is incredible!!!
    Good for you! Have a blast!!!