Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More on the dishcloth

The King Charles dishcloth is coming along...slowly.  I finished a second pattern repeat.  Something that's interesting is the difference in look from right-side to wrong-side.  Here's a photo of the right side:

Here's the wrong side:

I think I prefer the looks of the wrong side!  So, it's an interesting pattern.  Will I attempt it again? Not likely.  I really prefer less tedious patterns for a washcloth!


  1. The stitch pattern is subtle on the front and almost resembles brocade.

  2. Cool that it looks good on BOTH sides and I am loving that color!

  3. It is all nubby like a good dishcloth should be

  4. Fun! Nice, too, that both sides look good. Perfect color for Valentine's Day!