Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter storm

Yesterday, when I thought it was probably about time to shovel the porches and walk-way, I was very surprised that I could barely open the door.  The snow had come down, falling vertically (rather than the wind blowing it horizontally and drifting), and it was pretty to watch, a winter wonderland.  So how had the snow drifted a good 12 inches on the porch???  Let's just say I got in more shoveling exercise than I wanted!

Here's a picture of the beginning of the storm. It snowed pretty steady for a day and half; I was so happy to see my neighbor come over yesterday afternoon to plow the snow in the driveway's a huge help.  I can get the truck out with no problem, but the car is another story.

Just to answer a couple questions from readers, I would have to report that I did not take a picture of the guitar my brother made.  Oops, should have done that...too busy playing.

And for those interested in the front of the bride's dress, from the wedding I attended over Christmas, well, here it is.  She looked stunning in it.


  1. Thankfully, only about 6 inches of snow to deal with at my house over the weekend.

  2. Oh my. Maybe i'm not going to like living in the wild!
    Thats lots of snow. I LOVE the wedding dress . bride is beautiful