Monday, June 15, 2015

Buffalo, Bunnies, and a Beanie

On a trip back from Jackson Hole a few days ago, we stopped to photograph some buffalo that were very close to the road.  I didn't even step out of the car to take a few shots. 

It was maybe 5 minutes later, and about 8 buffalo decided they were in a hurry to cross the highway, and they headed for the fence.  And they jumped it!  Yes, they did.  I had never seen a big ol' buffalo hop gracefully over a fence (probably 4-5 feet tall).

The wild life in my yard is multiplying.  I guess it's true what they say about rabbits!  I've got another batch of babies under the boardwalk, and they are SO CUTE.  I'm watching and photographing them from the entertaining.

The spiral-rib hat is off the needles.  I think it's going to work!  I was afraid the yarn was going to be too drapy, stretch out, and not recover, but it appears that may not be the case.  Time will tell.


  1. Great wildlife photos - I didn't know buffalo could/would jump a fence. I know they are fast runners.

  2. Cute hat! It's a little-known fact that all bovines are surprisingly good jumpers.

  3. I should have said "all types of bovines," as I am sure there are unathletic individuals. ;-)

  4. Holy moly! They can jump FENCES??? Did you feel the earth move when they landed?

    The hat looks great. Hope the yarn cooperates for you.

  5. Your hat is beautiful.
    Is that alfalfa you are feeding those bunnies? If you are feeding them....well, then they are not just wildlife.....
    have you named them yet???

  6. That must have been quite a sight! I've heard they can really run fast when inspired to do so. Bunnies are cute, but oh so hungry...... Nice hat! I love it.