Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Carving gullies

I drove through Wind River Canyon again, after the flash flooding carved deep gullies in the steep canyon walls and pushed huge rocks onto the road.  That event was a good two weeks ago, and heavy machinery is still working on the road and railroad, moving dirt and breaking up car-sized rocks.  Perhaps you can see in the background that the traffic is stopped on the highway; I suppose we waited a good 15 minutes.

The gullies are big on both sides of the road.  It must have been a spectacular sight to see this event ... that is, from a safe distance.


  1. Amazing how water can be so beautiful and cause so much destruction all at the same time.

    There was an episode of Mike Rowe's "Someone's Got To Do It" that showed workers in California taking down dangerous pieces of rock so they wouldn't fall unexpectedly. They were knocking down some pretty significant pieces of rock.

  2. I've been through that canyon several times on my way to Cody. It's a beautiful place. Did it change much with the flash floods?

  3. The power of nature is amazing.

  4. We drove thru and looked at how much it rerouted the water too!
    I had the same thought would have been spectacular to have watched from a distance!

  5. The power of water is amazing isn't? I love your photos today. I always show Fireman posts with beautiful!


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