Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More Musings

Yes, by golly, those big ol' buffalo can jump a fence.  We watched about 8 of them in a row; I got a video of the last one making the jump.  He was a bit apprehensive, but he finally lifted his front legs up and over and his back legs rocked over so easily.  It looked effortless. 

And as for feeding those little bunnies -- well, after moving my grass, I put a handful of grass clippings near their little den.  They've been nibbling away on that.

This morning I haven't seen them.  Hmmm...wondering if they've already tried venturing outside the yard...or just sleeping in... or what???

In the meantime, I'm catching occasional glimpses of these beautiful little yellow finches (?) pecking for thistle seed.


  1. We saw Bison on the prairies in Saskatchewan once and they were so impressive! Love the Gold little wild canaries.

  2. It is an explosion of nature at your house!!! :-)

    Today I was reading on the porch. I could HEAR the birds, but they chose to keep out of sight. LOL

  3. Great photos of the birds at the feeder.

  4. We have pretty little goldfinches too. They are like having a parakeet in the yard aren't they?