Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First dusting of snow...

Just a few days ago we had the threat of rain here in the valley, but it looked like snow was falling in the higher elevations.  When the clouds cleared out, sure enough, one could see a new dusting of snow on all the high peaks.  As of this picture, much of the snow that fell a little lower has melted, but one can still see the new dusting of snow on the peaks. 

I thought that we'd be getting temps only into the lower 70's for the next couple weeks. Hmmm.  Not so.  It's warming right up again!!  What?  


  1. Cooler here; so happy! Haven't been able to get a good look at Mt. Hood to see if it's looking less bare yet.

  2. We're probably going to have our Indian Summer for a couple of weeks. I don't mind the snow on the peaks this early just not in the valley.

  3. Uh oh .......here comes WINTER. What a beautiful view though.