Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Still flowering

My petunias have taken such a beating from the high winds in the last couple weeks.  They look pitiful.  But this flower... and I can't remember what it's called - but you probably will ... is planted right in with the petunias and is doing so well.  I've got to remember to get more than two of these plants next year!  I should probably also look to plant something that flowers late in the season so that I have something pretty in the pots in late August and early September.  I'm not much of a green thumb, but I'm willing to try a hardy plant...and I mean it must be hardy to survive out here with lots of sun and occasional strong winds.

As you can see, my trees have not turned yellow yet...and all through the valley, there's only a hint of yellow on some branches that have taken a turn for fall.  Perhaps we will stay green until October.


  1. I think the blooms are Alyssum. I've stopped watering my plants.

  2. Yes, they are Alyssum. Maybe plant some marigolds too for a bit of fall color.

  3. Alyssum. so lovely when it drapes in the fall.