Monday, September 21, 2015

Old stash

I finally got inspired to knit a lap afghan from old stash...and lots of left-overs.  I'm just winging it...using a stitch pattern I found for a afghan...but but using my bits and pieces, lone skeins, and such to use up some fiber. I'm not following the pattern know, just winging it.  It's the perfect project on big needles (10.5) -- some mindless knitting after a long day. 

But my mind is already thinking about casting on some socks... men's socks... a Christmas gift for my brother.  Since those babies will have a lot longer leg and foot than my normal sock projects, that ought to keep the needles clicking for quite a while. 


  1. Nice job of "winging it" on this afghan!

  2. That is a beautiful "winging" it project. Love the mix of colors!