Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rehearsal Throw

I started this lap afghan/throw when I started our theater rehearsals, and I finished it just as we ended our final production.  So, I'm calling it my Rehearsal Throw. 

I used fiber from my stash, and I'm quite thrilled to get a quite a bit incorporated into this afghan.  I used a fan and feather pattern, and it was so easy to memorize.  Plus, I was on big needles.  It was the perfect mindless/wind-down project to grab after rehearsal and before bed.

Today I decided that I needed to get it washed and blocked so I can get the next project started.  I soaked it in the bathtub and then put it in the washing machine for a spin cycle.  I've not done that before, but say, that really does a nice job of getting the water out of the yarn. 

I folded the afghan in half and am letting it dry that way...not being too concerned about specific dimensions, or anything like that.  I'm looking forward to wrapping up in it as the temps continue to fall.


  1. Nice job: it looks great!

    Now that the afghan is finished, is it time for some stash enhancement?

  2. Love the colors! Great job, too!

  3. It's charming and I love the colors. Good way to use up stash.

  4. it is lovely. Perfect for the cold weather ahead. Love the colorful zig zags