Friday, October 30, 2015

Setting out on a new adventure

October 14, 2015 I flew to Seattle, met 3 other gals (one of which I knew), and in a rented car we headed for the Olympic Peninsula, a new place to visit for me! 

The mission: Join 2 more gals (total party of 6) to become lighthouse keepers for a full week at the New Dungeness Lighthouse near Sequim, WA. 

Phase one of the mission was to drive to Port Angeles, where one of the gals had a glorious cabin on the beach for us to stay in before and after the week at the lighthouse. It took several hours to get to Port Angeles from Seattle, and that included catching a ferry to the Olympic Peninsula.
Waiting in line to get on the Ferry as soon as it arrived.

Mt. Rainier in the background.

It was a beautiful day, and with "clear-enough" skies, I could see Mt. Rainier as we made the crossing.

It was dark by the time we arrived at the cabin, and Pat had supper on the stove and the table set. Dinner was a good opportunity for all of us to start getting aquainted. (3 of the gals had been roommates in college, and the other 3 of us were there because of our association with one of them.) 


  1. What a cool getaway! A great mix of old and new friends and a lovely location. An adventure indeed.

  2. How fun! I had no idea that you could do that kind of thing. And I wish I'd have known you were in the area as we could have met for lunch!

  3. An exciting adventure - way of of the norm for landlocked Wyoming. I'm eager to hear more about your time at the lighthouse.

  4. What a fun and exciting adventure! Thanks for taking us along MORE MORE MORE