Saturday, October 31, 2015

Wake up call

The following morning we got up rather leisurely and had a fine breakfast, overlooking the beach.  While still telling stories around the breakfast table (some gals still in their PJ's), a SIREN blew.  And then we could hear helicopters and a voice over a loudspeaker: Tsunami warning!!!  Evacuate.  What??? Really???

We started hustling around, closing up suitcases, throwing them in the trunk of the car, and driving up to higher ground.  We all had our cell phones with us and looked for a place where we would have good reception.  Was this evacuation real?  After intense Google research, we discovered that it was a test - a drill.  Wow, was it ever convincing!  So after about 20 minutes we were able to return to the cabin, unload, and feel considerable relief.
I'm on the far left, then its Kathleen, Janet, Mary, and Pat. Donna is not in this shot.

Later I walked down to the beach and looked for some interesting driftwood - small pieces, mind you.  One neighbor of Pat's has a couple dogs that like to chase a stick, and they tend to get new visitors engaged in that activity.  Me included.

We could see big container ships passing by, going up the straits of Juan De Fuca. 

A lot of driftwood is washed up on these beaches, and the kids have a ball building...


  1. Glad to hear that tsunami drills are held and that people take them seriously. Someday those drills could save lives.