Monday, November 2, 2015

Phase two of the mission was to plan our menus for 7 days, make a grocery list, and do the shopping.  This was certainly a good exercise in problem solving.  If you would happen to forget something, like let's say salt and pepper, you're just out of luck.  Once you're dropped off at the lighthouse, there's no returning to town for something you might have forgotten. The only way to get on and off the spit is to walk the 5 1/2 miles (one way) to the lighthouse.

Late that afternoon, Joanne from the lighthouse came to brief us on what to expect and all that we would be doing while we were were there.   We also had a video to watch to prep us for the week's stay. 

The next morning, a couple of the gals met the folks at the transfer station so we would know how to get there and where to park.  Then, two groups of us went out to do all the shopping.  When everyone returned to the cabin, we packed all the food, and then we had a little time to relax and walk on the beach.

Before going out to dinner, we packed everything up in two vehicles.  After eating out and doing a little shopping at Swain's, it was finally time to head out to the transfer station.  We would be making the trek out to the lighthouse at 9:00 p.m.  The transfers have to take place during low tide, so the transfer could be about any time, some not so convenient!  It would have been nice to see where we were going in the daylight.

Driving out on the spit took about 30 minutes.  The drivers had to pick their way between the receding water and large pieces of driftwood and debris on the beach.  It was a narrow and bumpy route.  When we arrived, the lighthouse keepers that were just finishing out their week were waiting outside with all their stuff, ready to load up.  We unloaded, got a quick tour of the grounds (in the dark), and then we were on our own.  After unpacking all the food, choosing where everyone would sleep, and getting familiar with the house, we had a cup of tea, a ginger cookie, and then to bed.


  1. Did you take mostly canned food and mixes? Keeping things cool until 9PM must have been a problem unless you used coolers.

    It must have been an adventure to wake up and check out your surroundings.

  2. Mmmm ginger cookies! Someone shopped smartly!