Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a cold, snowy day in Wyoming...our first significant snow storm of the season.  How that contrasts with warm hearts that are full of gratitude and thanksgiving!

The chuckers visited me this morning, all puffed up and beautiful, searching the ground for seeds.  The furry rabbits are out; I saw a couple joyfully chasing each other in the deep snow around the woodpile.  Another contemplative bunny is sitting out in the yard, just watching a light snow filter down around her like powdered sugar from a sifter. I have plenty of firewood at the ready, and am about to start a roaring fire.  I am so thankful for a warm home surrounded by beautiful images from nature.

Yesterday, people were not in a hurry on the icy roads, but were careful and polite and patient.  Doors were opened for me at the post office, and at the grocery store, a lady insisted I get in line ahead of her because I only had two items in hand.  My music students were sweet, and parents all wished me a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am so grateful for all these acts of love; they are all around us!

Today will be a perfect opportunity to stay all tucked inside, pick up my knitting, enjoy the Macy's Day Parade and some football on TV, light some fragrant candles, keep the wood fire going, and enjoy a little turkey dinner. 

 And of course, I'm so grateful for my blogging buddies... Here's wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. You sound like you know what Thanksgiving is all about. Enjoy your beautiful world and stay safe and warm.

  2. Your day sounds just about perfect. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

  3. Perfect Photo! Glad you were treated kindly and had a good day! Happy Thanksgiving