Monday, November 9, 2015

Taking care of the grounds and playing

Every day started with raising the flag, opening the lighthouse/museum, and a lovely breakfast.  We had a list of duties that had to be completed while we were there.  Kathleen and I noticed that the windows in the back porch needed cleaning; they looked pretty bad.  Another duty was to wash the curtains downstairs, and of course, there was always watering more of the grass, and watching for visitors.  Once we got started cleaning the windows...we just kept going all the way around the house, until we had cleaned all the windows!  Some places were a little tricky to get close enough with the ladder, but we managed.  The gals who washed the curtains were not particularly surprised when a couple of them shredded  in the washer/dryer  from sun rot.  Oh well.  Time to get new ones.
Front porch of the Keepers' Quarters

One evening I shared a craft that I had brought along for all the gals: dying silk scarves with bits of tissue paper.  (Thanks to Nancy S. who showed several of us knitters how to do this.) It was an easy craft to pack in the suitcase.  The gals were willing to give it a go...although some thought they weren't very creative and worried about the outcome.  But when they saw their finished scarves, they were delighted!!  We had a lot of fun playing with shapes, colors, and discovering the way different shades bled on to the silk.

We completely covered the dining table in saran wrap, and that did the trick for a good workspace. 

They were really pretty hanging out to dry on the clothesline.


  1. Love the scarfs and the photos of them on the clothesline, especially the one from the lighthouse.

  2. what a fantastic week you're having...looks like such an amazing place. I never heard of the dying with tissue...intrigued!

  3. How beautiful they look. Picture perfect. SOunds like you had a really interesting fun time. THanks for cleaning the windows...that's true volunteer dedication

  4. I never would have thought to bring a craft for everyone to do together, just my own knitting/spinning. Good for you, and good pictures!

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun! Great photos, too. Hope your weather has been OK as it's been wet and rainy here in the Seattle area.