Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday dish cloths

I have been enjoying knitting up some holiday dish cloths for a beginning knitting class (3 sessions).  The gals are all knitting like crazy and are finding that they like the circular needles.  It is so fun to see someone learn to knit, enjoy the activity, finish their small projects, and look forward to the next step or skill.  Yes, the new knitters are purling now and not making many mistakes, switching from knitting to purling. 

By the third session, they should be confident enough to try one of these patterns, a reindeer or a bell.


  1. I am teaching a friend to knit right now. It's gratifying when she "gets" something new.

    She's having a little difficulty because of pain issues with her joints, but she is really enjoying the learning and she says it is making her hands feel a little looser. That's always a good thing.

    I have to keep reminding her not to "choke" the needles and to let the needles do the work. LOL

  2. those are sweet! Love those cotton knitted dish cloths...nothing beats them, especially after they've been washed and dried a few times.

  3. I remember learning to knit decades ago with long (14") straight needles. I was delighted to learn about circulars and find short (7") straight needles because those long ones are hard to handle.

  4. yes! dishcloths here too. Love the bell

  5. Perfect holiday dishcloths! Have a nice Thanksgiving, Nancy Kay!