Friday, August 3, 2012


How about a "girls only" 4-wheeler trip in the mountains?

 This ride was a "first" for Jo, the gal in blue, and she negotiated the trail very well.  For Julie and me, this particular excursion, riding from the base of Limestone Mountain (above Lander) to Louie Lake, is one of our favorites. Once we got to the far end of the lake, we found some rocks to sit on while we chatted, nibbled on a variety of snacks, and relaxed. 
Lunch at Louie Lake

We parked the 4-wheelers in the shade.
 After lunch, we headed back over the mountain, which only took a couple of hours.  But before we loaded up the machines, we decided we had time to take a little side trip to another spot which we had only been to one time before.  Some other friends had taken us there, and we thought we remembered the way.  In fact, we were pretty confident at first, but as we continued, the terrain didn't correspond to our memory of it! Cautiously, we continued on.  Eventually, some landmarks looked vaguely familiar. So, following our instincts, we did find the right trail which led us to a this great panoramic view of the Upper Popo Agie Canyon.  We slowly picked our way down a steep hill to stand on this outcropping of rock, a very exposed observation point.


  1. WOW. Your shared images are a feast for my in flatland I get excited about seeing mountains...from a distance!

  2. Just the idea of navigating a rugged trail on a four-wheeler gives me palpitations, but your photos are gorgeous.