Friday, August 24, 2012

Wire-wrapping pendants

Here's Natalie's Necklace, a fun, kind of whimsical piece that I made for my niece.  The red heart glass pendant did not have a drilled hole, so the heart had to be wire-wrapped to became a pendant.  I credit Alice Gustin with great instructions for teaching me this method.  Every time I wire-wrap, I'm surprised with the outcome, because the wire and/or stone often dictates what happens.  I may have a plan in mind in the beginning, but it becomes just a guideline in the end.  I saw a similar piece with the clasp on the side, and that was something I decided to try with this piece.


  1. Another beautiful piece! Natalie is going to enjoy wearing it.

  2. The wire wrapping is so pretty. Any niece would love to wear that.
    Rebel Follower