Friday, February 14, 2014

Knitting hearts...

Nancy S. directed me to a link for a fun knit...called Heart Tawashis by Julie Tarsha.  Here's a great way to use up your cotton yarn on fun little heart-shaped scrubbies for the bathroom.  The pattern includes varied skills: knitting, wrap and turn, three-needle bind-off, crocheting, and mattress stitch.  Here's a quick "thank you!" to Cheryl, who helped me with the crochet stitches and figuring out a confusing step in the directions.

Anyway, I got the first one finished...and I think I'll make a few more. 

Hope you all have lovely Valentine's Day.  Will you treat yourself to something special?  Chocolate? A new cast-on?  A relaxing cup of tea?  A dinner out? 


  1. Oh that is too cute. I tried a crochet pattern for a heart, but turned out more like a circle. Somethings are best not attempted.


  2. that is one very adorable heart! We went to a late lunch and the please was packed, but no wait!