Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Knitting a Rosette

One reader asked for the directions for the Rosette, and perhaps there are others that would consider making this little embellishment, if you just had instructions.  Can't you see this on a headband, a hat, a purse, a scarf?
This is lace weight yarn left over from knitting a Hitchhiker Scarf.

Well, here you go; it's pretty easy and quick.

Yarn and Needles: DK, sock weight, or lace weight yarn will work.  But go up a couple needle sizes from what's recommended for the yarn.  For instance, I used size 4 needles on both the sock weight and lace weight yarn, but you could experiment further...

CO 112 sts.

Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: K2, *K1, slip this st back onto left needle, lift the next 8 sts over this st and then knit the first st again, K2*; repeat from * 9 more times.  That will get you all the way through the stitches on your needle.  Now you should have 32 sts.

Work short-rows as follows:
Short-row 1:  K24, wrap and turn, K24.
Short-row 2: K16, wrap and turn, K16.
Short-row 3: K8, wrap and turn, K8.

Break yarn.  Thread tail through rem sts, pull tightly to create a rosette, and secure with a few over-cast stitches.

(Wrapping a stitch: Work to turn point, slip next stitch purlwise to right needle.  Bring yarn to front.  Slip same stitch back to left needle.  Turn work and bring yarn in position for next stitch, and you have wrapped the stitch as you do so.)

Nancy S. suggested attaching a drapery ring (the size of a nickle or quarter) to the back so that you can slip it in on and off scarves.  Love the idea...and that's what I plan to do.


  1. I'm trying to wrap my mind around those Row 2 instructions! K2, K1 basically as a knitted cast-on stitch (right?), then lift 8st from the right needle onto the left and over the cast-on stitch?

  2. Thanks for the directions. I might try to make one.

  3. Thanks for the directions, Nancy! That flower would sure look cute on a headband......