Monday, February 10, 2014

Let the competition begin...

Are you all watching or planning to watch your favorite winter Olympic events?  The skating, especially the pairs, is my very favorite, but I enjoy most of the other competitions as well. Did you see that little 15 year old skater from Russia do her spins? Wow, talk about agile!  As you can imagine, the needles stopped clicking during these spectacular performances...and then clicked like crazy while waiting for scores or during commercials.

This Lizard Scarf will be my Olympic knit...and it fits well into the category of challenging, of having to keep my focus, of hoping for a personal best.  However, I won't be vying for a spot on the awards stand... I'm pretty sure I will still be on the slope when the race is finished, and they are ready to douse the flame. 

The red and purple highlighter tape marks the spot where I am in the chart.  As you can see, this scarf will have a saw-toothed design along the sides.  This pattern is pretty similar to the Dragon Scarf I made earlier, but this one will be much shorter in length, and the diamonds are all the same. Still a challenge! Do you have an Olympic knitting project?? 



  1. It's lovely.

    I haven't been knitting much lately.

  2. Yes! A colorwork hat that I am really pleased with so far.

  3. That little Russian girl and her leg up by her ears amazed me too!> I love the pairs dancing. Your scarf is just beautiful already!
    I'm knitting two things during the O's so far. The vest that will take me forever and the fun knitpicks shawl with all the colors!

  4. Our kids told us about the agile Russian girl, but we had missed it. :( Love that scarf you're making!