Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh, to be a Bronco fan...

Oh my goodness, we Bronco Fans are speechless.  That was a brutal game!  The Seattle Seahawks came out and dominated the Super Bowl.  Broncos couldn't do anything to get their game on!  That was a rough one to watch!  Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, it did.  The Seahawks had the midas touch yesterday, and they deserve the big celebration! New Jersey and New York really put on a spectacular show.  Well, there's always next year...

I thought I would keep my needles clicking through the game...not so much.  I was up, pacing, and sharing choice words with my if I were right there in the stadium.  However, before and after the game I tackled a small project...knitted Rosettes.

This one is made from scrap sock yarn on size 4 needles.

This one is made from scrap lace yarn on size 4 needles.
I had not tried something like this before, so the challenge was part of the allure.  They were easy and fun to make.  The directions suggested placing a pearl button in the center of the rosette, but I think I might place a real pearl instead.  I haven't finished weaving in the ends or finishing the back, and I was surprised that the directions don't include how to finish the back.  Do I sew on a pin (clasp) or knit an I-cord loop on the back to run a scarf through... or what??  Any ideas out there??  The picture on the pattern shows this rosette attached to a beautifully knit lacy scarf...but how??


  1. I think the loop idea is good. Then you could move the rosette from scarf to scarf. Both are very pretty.

    Sorry about the Broncos an Eagles fan, I feel your pain. ;-)

  2. THere in lies the rub. THat attachment part is the toughest… you don't want ends dangling….and all.
    As a Chicago Cub fan I know your PAIN

  3. Those are the cutest little adornments...I could see them used in so many ways.


  4. I like 'em, too; can you share the pattern? I sometimes make mini-sweaters out of leftovers, but flowers would be a nice change.

  5. They are lovely. I like the top one the best because of the variegated yarn If you want these to wear with a scarf, I would attach a drapery ring to the flower so the scarf could easily be threaded through the ring. I'd use a ring the size of a nickel or quarter.

  6. There was a very big celebration today here in Seattle, and the sun even came out! Love your rosettes!