Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My world in sepia tone...

Yes, I wear glasses.  But I must have picked up the sepia tone lenses and placed them squarely on my nose, because that's the way the world appears today.  No blue skies, no green grass, just muted shades of what once was...and a wide array of varying shades of brown.

Mother Nature lends me these lenses for several months, and I obediently wear them. I've learned to appreciate that  about every four months she surprises me by setting out a different pair.  I like the change.

But for now, it seems my world is set in sepia tone...


  1. I always did like sepia. (Beautiful pictures!)

  2. Great photos. Even though I grumble about Winter, I would tire of green all the time.

  3. Wonderful photos, Nancy. It's kind of grey here but we have tons of moss to add some green. That stuff sure is slippery though. Dig into your yarn stash for a dose of color if you get tired of the sepia!

  4. You have captured sepia so beautifully

  5. And I love your glasses. I love the simple colors of winter. Your photos show us the beauty of the season. Soon the green will arrive.. and then the colors of spring. Hang in there. Enjoy the moment.

  6. That is so true, and sepia is a nice color.

    When I look in my archives I can see color blocking by season.