Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Purple Alpaca

Love Alpaca.  Love purple.  Love fingerless mitts. 
So, the obvious solution for a very satisfying project is to combine them all into one!

I found this pattern called "Cabled Mitts" and wanted to try it.  However, because I know how I want my mitts to fit, I added the ribbing at the cuff, at the finger tips, and on the thumb.  The pattern does not call for ribbing, and the picture even shows that the ends all curl up; this doesn't work for me.  But I really like the cabling pattern.  Plus it adds a little bulk and warmth when hanging on to a cold steering wheel.  (These were knit on size 2 needles.)


  1. They are awesome! I think the ribbed edges are perfect. That will keep your wrists nice and snug.

  2. Beautiful job!

    I agree ribbing is the only way to get the right fit on the wrist and thumb.

  3. Love these gloves. Very nice!

  4. They r so beautiful. Great finish