Monday, January 6, 2014

A traveling yarn...

This green, lace weight yarn started its trip with me to Australia, and was cast on the needles during my series of flights out of the country.  Since this involved many hours in airports and on planes, I got a good start on this Hitchhiker Scarf.  More knitting ensued as I began my series of flights home.  I finished the scarf in time to give it away for Christmas...and I mean just in the nick of time. 

The Hitchhiker Scarf pattern calls for all garter stitches, but knitting buddy Julie and I have experimented with several of our own lacy variations.  This scarf has an 8 row repeat, and on every row 4 I added K2tog and YO's. 


  1. Lovely finish and gift. The lacy variation adds visual interest to the scarf.

    Perhaps, you should name the scarf "Traveler" instead of "Hitchhiker."

  2. simply gorgeous. I Love the simple color and pattern. It WORKS

  3. I love your variation. That is BEAUTIFUL!