Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NYC in Christmas finery...

I never would have guessed I'd be making this trip to NYC in December.  It worked out that our flights (both in and out of the city) were snow-free; I'm so grateful.

On December 26th, we took a bus/boat tour of Manhattan.  What a great way to see many sights of the city.  Our tour guide was not the greatest, but it was OK.  Here are some shots taken on the tour.
A life-sized statue of Abe Lincoln outside the New York Historical Society building
John Lennon was killed in front of this building where the tour group is gathered.
Riverside Cathedral

The famed Apollo Theater in Harlem
Little Italy - where the tour stopped for lunch.
Artwork on the restaurant wall.
Artwork on the outside of the building that houses Cafe Roma (best pastries ever).
Financial District
Brooklyn Bridge
NYC skyline with the new 9-11 Memorial Tower.  It's 1776 feet tall.
Isn't she something to behold? !!
Let's get those Facebook photos updated!
The Empire State Building is still one of my favorites.
Ellis Island


  1. Wonderful photos - I love the mural.

    A nice place to visit, but. . .I could never live in a city. I'd miss the open spaces of Wyoming too much.

  2. I used to work just down the street from the Empire State Building.

    That apartment building where John Lennon was murdered is beautiful. That's the Dakota. My sister has done a lot of design work there (she designs bathrooms).