Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter busy...

Yeah, I'm "winter busy."  Know what I mean?   I am finding a host of things to take care of or to start or finish, and I've not been particularly concerned with cold temps or brown landscapes.  So that's good. I'm enjoying inside projects (and a few remaining Christmas lights),  although I've not spent much focused time on writing and blogging--at least not like I'd like to.  I'm going to try to do better. 

In the meantime, I appreciate the bloggers that I follow...and am encouraged and inspired by your humor, your thoughtfulness, your creativity, and your openness.  What great gals!  Keep making a positive influence in your families and your communities!

I played around a little bit with my NYC photo in PicMonkey.  That is a fun place to do some editing.  Do you like the painted canvas effect?


  1. "Winter busy" - I like that phrase.

    The altered photo is great . I really like the canvas effect.

  2. Yes ....very much. It's very artsy! :-)

  3. I love pic monkey. I haven't tried that painting effect….I'm glad you mentioned it!!

  4. Fun! Yep, Winter Busy is right; you don't have to worry about the garden.....

  5. I'm really loving that phrase...yes winter does seem like a time to catch up.


  6. Winter or summer, my busy-ness seems to stay the same. Love the altered photo!