Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One sock off the needles...

Tidalwave Socks in Noro sock yarn

One sock is finished.  Even the ends are all weaved in.  So, I'm ready to cast on sock no. 2.  I haven't found any more knots, so I hope that's the case as I begin knitting the second half of the skein.

This Tidalwave pattern is really a nice one to knit, and I'm thinking about knitting another pair already. Of course the pattern would show up more if the yarn was all one color, so that's something I'm considering as I'm "thinking" through my stash. 


  1. Looks great.

    I always love how Noro stripes

  2. I think they look pretty good! Thanks again for putting me back in touch with that pattern.

    I'm thinking of starting a pair after I finish up the plain ones I'm currently knitting.

    I'll be sending good vibes for no more knots!

  3. Nancy that sock is gorgeous. I am stuck on my NOro right now. Tried to knit a cowl with it and gave up. It will decide what it wants to be….but right now its in a time out

  4. Fun! Is it the Noro sock yarn? Love the colors and the pattern.