Saturday, January 25, 2014

The storm has passed...

Another snow storm has dropped a couple of inches of snow and has moved on, to your area, I suspect! Ha.  We usually get a few days to thaw out before the next one hits.  And today we've got sunshine and slightly "above freezing" temps; it's all good.  The thaw has begun.

You can see who ventured out in the snow before I did.

My little rabbit friends got up extra early and happily drew a maze of tracks all over my property... perhaps finding joy in making the first tracks...or looking for grass...or keeping their appointment for morning exercise...I don't know.  But they were busy! Perhaps they were just enjoying the view!

I've seen  two rabbits and a few birds, but otherwise, it's been pretty quiet around here.  Looking for excitement... you might watch smoke swirling out my chimney against the blue, cloudless sky.

...or check out the neighbors.  Who's got their fireplace roaring this morning? There's very little outdoor activity to be seen, except for the traffic moving along on the highway in the distance.

Much of the busy-ness of winter is going on inside. 

I'm always amazed at hearing how many knitting projects are flying off the needles! Keep the needles clicking, gals! It's the sound of winter's percussive instruments!


  1. Perfectly put! My needles have been doing extra time !

  2. The snow is so pretty. I think if I had your view of the mountains, I would just sit at the window and stare out. LOL

  3. I was out looking for signs of spring today...keep looking, I know.

    Lovely to see blue sky, we would really appreciate that.


  4. I never tire of the Wind Rivers, and your property shows them off nicely.

  5. Haven't used my needles much today, busy sorting through my stash. EEK!

  6. wow! you of all people need my bouquet of flowers to remind you of warmer days! I love being and seeing the first tracks in the snow...your pictures evoke that quietness surrounding you.