Thursday, October 30, 2014

Colors Spectacular

As the drive north from Sturbridge, MA began, the colors became even more spectacular.  It seemed we were stopping every few miles to admire the brilliant shades of foliage.  No wonder it took all day to travel 60 miles!!

One sighting of colors was such eye candy, it seemed unbelievable. Purplish-pink leaves?  The car slowed immediately to take a right turn into a driveway.  Turns out it was the entry into a Jr. High School.  Nobody seemed to notice or care that we parked the car, walked around for some photos of the leaves, and then drove through the campus and back out on to the highway.  Maybe it happens often.  I don't know. 

This was my favorite photo from this stop; talk about spectacular!  (None of these photos are enhanced, by the way.)

One thing I saw, which would be rare to see at home, is one tree with all the colors...from green to yellow to orange and red.  Wow.  Didn't know there were trees that sported the entire array of fall hues. 

Central, northern Massachusetts was a beautiful sight.  What a treat to drive through the countryside and small towns.


  1. Holy cow! I've never seen such amazing color! You took beautiful photos.

  2. That last tree is great! The others are nice, too, but oh that last one....

  3. Thanks for sharing those spectacular colors. OM G. Our leaves will be falling fast tomorrow, with our predicted 50 mph winds....brrrr