Thursday, October 23, 2014

From the Freedom Trail

The Paul Revere statue is quite impressive, as is the steeple of the Old North Church.  The church is quite beautiful, and the enclosed pews are so charming and reminiscent of congregations coming to church on cold mornings, keeping warm with boxes of coals for their feet.
"One if by land; two if by sea..."

Very near the church is a building which houses a printing press and a house of chocolate.  A young man was dressed in period costume, demonstrating how colonists set type and printed one sheet at a time.  He printed a copy of The Declaration of Independence, which tourists could then purchase.

The young lady, also dressed in period costuming, showed onlookers how many ingredients went into making the chocolate of the day.  She gave us a small sample of hot chocolate to taste, and it was very tasty.  It was thought that chocolate had medicinal powers and was often offered to the soldiers.  She also pointed out in a book of famous paintings many which showed ladies with their chocolate pots (like tea pots) and small cups, enjoying hot chocolate in their parlors. 

Boston Harbor is quite beautiful, and a park near the water was a quite green space near busy city streets.

I was intrigued by this statue of Christopher Columbus because it was made out of the same marble as Michelangelo's statue of David.


  1. Did you notice that the pews were labeled with family names? That made me smile because in our church people have their favorite spots, too, even though they aren't labeled. We in the choir notice crazy things like that.

  2. Cool. A tiny bit of chocolate makes it taste spectacular. Ive enjoyed your tour

  3. Perhaps, a bit of chocolate each day would keep the flu and colds away this Winter! I might have to try that remedy.