Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Other sights in Boston

After taking the bay tour, a short bus tour was included in the ticket.  It was one of those hop on/hop off buses.  The tour guide driving the bus was not good, so hopping off turned out to be a good option. 
USS Constitution - Old Ironsides

Walking The Freedom Trail was better, and it's so well marked.  On top of that, Bostonians are out on the street and happily approach confused-looking tourists to answer questions and offer guidance.  I was so impressed with the friendliness and hospitality of the city's residents.  They truly are "Boston Strong" and want their visitors to have a safe and happy experience in the city.  The welcome mat is out, and it feels so sincere.

I love the old cobblestone street and the old buildings that are still standing from the 1700's. 

One of my favorite spots to visit is Paul Revere's house.  No pictures can be taken inside.  It is so cool to walk through this old house that has been so beautifully restored.  I did not know that they often would use the master bedroom for entertaining.  A nicely decorated/set table and chairs were set up right near the foot of the bed, which was probably one of their largest, more expensive and decorative pieces of furniture; the family would have wanted to show it off.  The families of that day did not waste space.  Also, the ceilings were low to help keep the rooms warmer.

Love the leaded glass windows.


  1. We visited Boston in the before digital camera days, and all our photos got ruined in our hot car, so it's really fun to see yours. I recall them saying that Revere had 16 children or something of the sort!

  2. Oh I love the leaded window. Very odd that the bedroom was for entertaining.
    Boston looks like a great historic place to visit

  3. I remember visiting the Constitution right after 9/11. I had a harder time going through security there than I did at the airport. LOL

    We had a wonderful tour docent ---- I think that was one of our favorite visits in Boston. We also saw John Williams conduct the Boston Pops. Wonderful memories.

    Love your pictures --- Quincy Hall!!!! Cool place.

  4. Good to hear that Boston is such a friendly city.