Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why do I wait...

Why do I wait for the last few days of warmth to winterize
The jet ski, the lawnmower, 
The ATV's, the wardrobe.  Especially the wardrobe.

I've nearly waited too long...and now it seems like a rushed job.
In the last hours of summer warmth, the trailer bed got a another
                              coat of  linseed oil,
As did the patio swing.  I hauled in wood. I coiled up hoses.

Oh Summer, do you have to move south so soon?
The recent rains are washing away all your footprints.  
I suppose the Australians are anxiously awaiting your arrival.


  1. Last weekend, I coiled the hoses, packed away the patio chair cushions, and covered the window AC unit. All at remains is to store the geranium pots, but they are staying outside until the flowers call it quits for the year. I haven't even thought about pulling out the long sleeved shirts and wool socks - perhaps it's time.

  2. Wyoming is all about change. Sometimes extreme change but it keeps us always looking forward .......

  3. We are preparing to resume life "outside". The porch will be power washed and the windows and screens cleaned. In the summer we hide inside away from the heat and summer rain. Come fall we are ready to mingle with the neighbors and have dinner on the porch. C'mon fall . . . we are ready for some temps in the low 80s again.

  4. I need to find some jeans that I like and that fit.
    Time for campfires..time for corn maizes, time for harvest images

  5. It sure was a quick summer, wasn't it? Loved seeing all those fall photos though.

  6. I feel the same way, but it's my garden that I can't get to. Some days I feel like it, and then it's raining, and other things demand time...

    Must be human nature to do this.


  7. Don't feel bad about procrastinating, I'm quite versed in it myself. Thank you for the Autumn photos. I'm in Charlotte, North Carolina and we are supposed to have a Canadian Cold Front come sweeping in on Sunday and we will feel what you may be already experiencing out your way. Our low Sunday morning is supposed to be 39*. Found your blog via Wyoming Breezes via some quilting info from another website. Best wishes for the rest of the year. Richard.