Thursday, August 27, 2015

A second scarf

As I neared the finish on the first Serape Scarf, I surmised that I could get a second scarf out of the yarn purchased for this project.  Having weighed a full skein, I could compare it to the weight of the used skeins and discovered I should have "just enough" to make another! 

I'm nearing the finish line now...and the yardage is working out perfectly.  I may only have an inch of red left at the end, but I'll make it work.

Both will get fringe on the straight edge when the second scarf is completed.


  1. Now that is smart – and beautiful! – knitting! (Hint: My birthday is coming up in November.) ;-)

  2. Nice work! They are very pretty. What do you weigh your yarn with?

  3. I love when you can use your yarn right down to the very last bit. The scarves look great.