Monday, August 3, 2015

From sage ... to wood

It's probably because of the unusual frequent rains this spring, but my Russian Sage plants are bigger, taller, fuller than EVER.  They smell great, the blooms are pretty purple, and the bees are loving them. 

At our local craft fair in the park, I found a great little bird house. find a place to secure it... hmmm. 


  1. Thank you for identifying my plant too! I thought it was lavender. No it IS a russian Sage. And it is big and bountiful this year. !
    I LOVE Your bird house find.! I want fireman to make on for me

  2. I think a Bluebird would love to nest in that great house.

  3. Such a cute birdhouse! You'll have to let us know who moves in. :-)