Thursday, August 20, 2015

First day of school

Jo H. and Julie F. are ready to ride.
Monday was the first day of school where I used to teach...and ... woohoo ... I wasn't in a classroom ... and neither were two of my teacher friends!  We let nature be our classroom and life's lessons  be taught without a desk, a pencil, or a worksheet!  And we could eat when we wanted...oh yeah, sitting on a rock, looking out over a mountain lake.  My kind of opening to another school year!

Julie, Jo, and I rode over Limestone Mountain in to Louis Lake for lunch. In several places the trail opens up into high open areas where you can see Oregon Butte and Continental Peak on the horizon to the east.  

Lovely day of sunshine and warm temps.

The smell of pine - divine.


  1. Definitely a great way to commemorate a new school year!

  2. That should start the school year off right!

    Lovely pictures.

  3. I had to smile; you and your girlfriends "ride" in beautiful country, and so do me and mine (not often enough). Our mounts are totally different, though!

  4. Lessons in the outdoors are the best kind! Real school in August seems cruel to me though......

  5. Happy RETIREMENT LIFEstyle. It is THE BEST

    Zach just got his teaching schedule and he has too many days with 5 classes to teach each day. Double lunch duty...something is amiss...he's unhappy