Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Weekend, Day Three

After a relaxing breakfast of bacon, eggs, muffins, juice, and coffee, we loaded into the pickup for day three of riding mountain ATV trails. This time we headed toward Dubois, took the East Fork road, and parked at the base area of Indian Ridge.  More campers than I had ever seen were parked in this general vicinity. 

We made this trip last year; it's one of my favorite rides.  The trail is challenging, and pretty rough in places, but when you compare it to the Shoshone Lake's a piece of cake. LOL!

The trail climbs the ridge, gaining in elevation right away.  Because of the forest fire in the Burrough Creek area, I was wondering if we would be swallowed in a cloud of smoke and possibly not even make the trek to the end of the trail.  Amazingly enough, a slight breeze was carrying the smoke to the west...yes, really...the west.  So, the skies were good, and as we were riding on a ridge to the north of the fire area, we weren't even smelling the smoke.  We stopped at some very good vantage points to watch as plumes of smoke rose from the valley.

From on top of Indian Ridge there are some beautiful views in every direction.

On a rugged rock outcropping, Allen found some evidence of coral from the days (millions of years ago) when all this area (near 10,000 ft.) was under water.  Amazing.

All in all, a great a day riding and exploring!! 

So, that's it till next year, when we rendezvous for another mountain marathon.


  1. Did you know that Indian Ridge is one of the few places you can see Gannett Peak? Julie

  2. a wonderful tradition I'll say! Loved these posts

  3. Glad that your brother and his friend were able to visit and to explore the rugged, mountain trails with you.

  4. You really did have quite the adventure, didn't you? Sounded exciting!

  5. Beautiful scenery but the real beauty is the time you spent with your brother!