Thursday, September 19, 2013

Matching Yarns and Beads

It was time to string beads on to the pink yarn for the second wristlet.  But I was going rogue... determined to string different beads with more contrast for the topside of the wristlet.  I did this at knit night...with lots of other gals were present.  I strung those 540 beads on the yarn... and then set it away from me.  Suddenly, it was obvious that the beads were NOT a good color match.  And all the gals agreed...not a match.  Oh dang!  All that stringing...and all for naught. 

So, Wednesday afternoon, I took all the topaz beads off the pink yarn and put the multi-pink (no contrast) beads on.  Then, I took the topaz beads and got them strung on the peach-colored yarn.  I think it's a much better look! 

OK.  So, now I think I'm ready to start knitting again.  The prep work is complete!


  1. Yes, the peach yarn is definitely a better match for the beads.

  2. I agree with Nancy (and your knit-night girls).

  3. WOw The peach is amazing with the beads. Its sort of like you are knitting jewelry

  4. I agree, too. I love that peach yarn. Those are going to be great!

  5. Oh my gosh, that's a job and a half...but in the end so worth it because it's going to be a color that you adore.