Monday, September 9, 2013

Pink Beaded Wristlets

The Labor Day weekend activities put a stall on my knitting...but I'm back at it and have completed one wristlet.  This is a different pattern, which called for a provisional cast-on.  So, I used the only one I was familiar with: the crocheted chain.  Also, in preparation for this piece, I threaded 518 beads on the yarn!  This pattern requires 100 more beads per wristlet than the other pattern! Whew!

I chose multi-colored pinks for the beads.  Big mistake.  They blend in too much, and without the defined contrast, the beaded pattern does not stand out!!  Dang. This is a pretty pattern, but you really can't see it.  Oh well, this will be an experimental pair, and the beads will be a subtle hint of glitz.

To finish up this wristlet, the instructions called for a 3 needle bind-off.  I did it.  But I'm not in love with it. 

The seam, using the 3-needle bind-off is pretty obvious.

The other pair I made (in black and grey with silver beads) used the kitchener stitch to connect the sides, and I like it much better.  So, I'm discovering some things.

Now to thread more beads for the second wristlet...


  1. A subtle hint of glitz, but in different lighting the beads may really shine. Nice job!

  2. Oh Nancy the first one is magnificent. I may try knitting with some yarn that already has the beads attatched..Im a cheater.

    Keep it up. LOVE the work

  3. What a pretty pink those are! I think they look great. Would it make a difference to do the 3-needle bind off on the outside rather than the inside?