Monday, May 19, 2014

A good day for a road trip...

Another teacher-friend and I took the history-music-art teacher (who is new to our area) on a 2nd Annual Road Trip.  We don't tell her where we're going, but just give her advice on the proper attire.  Then, we tease her relentlessly that it's going to be a Spa Day, which is an event she would avoid at all costs.  It's good for a lot of laughs.

Anyway, the end destination (sorry, no pictures) was the Interpretive Center at Heart Mountain, where thousands of Japanese families from the west coast were interred for 3 years.  This Interpretive Center only opened two years ago, and I must say it's very well done.  This occurrence is a black mark on our history, and it's sad to hear the stories; I'm also disappointed that knowledge of this was kept pretty hushed and not shared in history classrooms when I was in school.  But this museum, located just a few miles northeast of Cody is well worth the visit.  While we were there, a man and woman and their granddaughter came in to take the tour.  We discovered that the man had been interred there when he was 4 and 5 years old.  We had a chance to briefly chat with him, which was a treat. 

On the way to Heart Mountain, we stopped in Thermopolis, where it was easy to tease that we would be staying for a soak in the hot springs and get a massage.  Actually, we took a short scenic drive in the hills above the hot springs and oohed and ahhed over the spring green grass complimenting the red rocks.

We looked for the buffalo, and finally spotted a few.  Do you see the baby buffalo, the dark one in the middle?

The narrow road took us past a ravine where cars had been dumped many, many years ago.  Do some of these look like jalopies from the 1930's? 
What a sight! 

It was a great day... another No Spa Day...


  1. What a fun ritual! YEs I see the baby Buffalo. WOW
    Such a interesting piece of our history that was so sad for so many . Our friends parents met in one camp and ended up marrying

  2. The museum at Heart Mountain is well done. I hope your friend enjoyed her "spa" day!