Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another class walks to Pomp and Circumstance...

Senator Enzi speaking; Representative Lummis (the blond) to the right.

It was graduation for the seniors at "my school," and it was a very nice ceremony... perhaps one of the best in years.  First of all, the military science class presented the colors.  Then, a brass quartet (all adult male teachers from around the county) played some prelude pieces and then launched into Pomp and Circumstance.  The Salutatorian and Valedictorian speeches were well done.  Our special guest speakers (and we haven't had guest speakers in years!) were Senator Enzi and Representative Lummis.  Wow.  Two state dignitaries at our graduation of 25 seniors??? Senator Enzi thought this may be the only school in the nation with both a Senator and a Representative giving speeches.  Their messages were excellent, brief, and well suited to the seniors.  I have to add that one of the seniors (last week) heard two other teachers and me rehearsing a song we are planning to sing at a private party for a retiring teacher.  This senior loved the song we were doing...and begged us to be added to the graduation program; by the next day, we had an invitation from the class to perform, and we agreed to do it.  So, quite unexpectedly, we sang "Somewhere Along the Road." It was nice to be part of a memorable ceremony.


  1. I saw the photo of you, Brenda, and Sheila on County10. Good job!

  2. Fun! And cool that you got to participate. Pomp and Circumstance brings back lots of memories, doesn't it?